Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Best gig of my LIFE!.

Ok so I am only 20, But hey It was and IS the best.

And what say might this gig be ?

WELL Matt and kim of course.

From Brooklyn these guys hardly ever play here in the UK.

You can Imagine my excitement when I heard they were playing at the old blue last.

Ok so I knew it was going to be good. But wow. !

The old blue last a tiny venue. I imagined just some trendy people just bopping along to the drums.

How wrong was I. THe true fan boys came out and there I was standing up in front !

There I stood in the middle of the mosh pit, Duking it out with the big boys.

I got kicked in the face, My bag broke. . . But Oh dam it was worth.

The energy cascading... Booming from these Guys was just phenomenal.

The crowd went nuts, They played all there best songs, and some new ones.

But the crowd was so responsive, Crowd surfing was a must.

My heart pounding in my chest. My breath shorting. Sweating like anything !..

These guys are legends, and should be seen, as they wont disappoint !

It was a night that I never wanted to end. But I was at fainting point :D

I fully recommend you go and buy there album "matt and kim" it is truely something special. They also have a new album out called "grand"

any other Information click here


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Friendly Fires Rule

Heya ChellShock Here.

Just this second came back from te Friendly Fires gig and wow. What can I say.

There were some strange acts that preceded the band. Like a just a drummer to a backing tune.
Quite odd.But none the less quite good.
A band called the Magistrates, Which the drums where good the Guitar was very good.

But unfortunately there there lyrics and there vocals were not something to be desired.
I just thought that the main singer just lacked any kind of emotion at all. Just very mono tonal. Which I agree sometimes work.

But in all there songs, they would have this massive build up and it would be at the peak of it and you are expecting it drop like crazy.
Your waiting there.. the anticipation is building. The peak is nearly at its full and you are ready to go nuts. You close you eyes thinking wow Yes this is it.
And than really what really happens is that it doesnt go nuts, it just falls down a peg. And you are left there confused and yearning with this need of fulfillment.

But than the main acts comes on. The claps the lights start flashing..Screams and cheers feel the air.

"hello We are Friendly Fires"

The antispation starts to build. Straight away they start playing and the crowd goes nuts!.

Everyone starts jumping up and down with the rhythm..

Everyones, hands up in Union.

The lights flicking on and off... quickly reminds me of childhood games of switching the lights off and on, whilst dancing.

Jump in the. POOL
jump im the. POOL!

Looking around everyone is in complete awe. waiting, clapping them on. egging them to play the next song.

Jumping up and down, No one seemed to care. Bodies crashing into each other.
All that mattered was the music.

Everyone Shouting along to the music .

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath. And than I heard it!

One day.... I promise.... I'll take you to paris.

Hands up, Everyone sway in time. And than it came he lights dimmed and than all of a sudden Like a shock to the brain. There was an explosion of light. Boom, confetti filled the air and cascaded through there air around me.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as I stared up into the sky.

And than as quickly as it started.... it was over.

Here I lay just wanting more, Left in my memories for ever more.

Go see them you wont be dissapointed.

Still now I think and smile.

In just two words Fucking Amazing.

Chellshock Out XxX

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Street Fighter ftw !

Ok so If you haven't guessed by now. I am the geek (chic!) of the two :D

Soooo when I saw this It had me OMFG'ing for hours !.

So nerds and geeks rejoice !

Its here !

Of course you know about the New Street fighter just released on Xbox360 and Ps3 ( and If you didn't you do now !

Here is a review of the new game :

"The extensive single-player mode in Street Fighter 4 is one of the best you can hope to find in today's choice of beat-em-ups. The story may not be brilliant, albeit it shouldn't be a problem if you concentrate on the gameplay. It's way better than what we've witnessed in recent releases such as Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe or Soul Calibur IV. The combat commendably feels like the old Street Fighter games. Veteran SF players should instantly remember key moves used by some of their favorite characters. Mark my words though; SF 4 doesn't just represent a mere return to form. The game features numerous improvements to the classic gameplay mechanics of previous titles in the series. Focus attacks are the primary innovation. Using them opens the door to a variety of lethal offensive and defensive moves. Your character's ability to perform focus attacks leads to some impressive combos. If done right, these attacks deal a huge amount of damage to opponents and they look cool to boot. Although this handy Focus system stands as the key ingredient defining the new Street Fighter, you don't need to rely on it in order to claim victory against your adversary. Fights can be won with traditional moves and combos, used in earlier games."

Check out the full review here

But anyway thats not what I am here for !

Even the fact that its a beautiful shade of red is cool !

"While Street Fighter IV has dominated my Twitter on various occasions as the game of the moment for many in the industry, Capcom releases a throwback to the current most successful Street Fighter game of all time with a special edition vinyl. The Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl features sound effects and game music on respective sides. The red vinyl also includes a transparent sleeve with numbers limited to only 350 copies worldwide. A handful are available now at oki-ni."

Source HypeBeast

So rejoice Music tech heads, and battle supremes..

Although with only 350 copies good luck getting your hands on a copy ;)

ChellShock Out XxX

Mustard Pimp

If you haven't heard of these guys... Where have you been ?

I have been out of the scene for so long and just totally forgot how much this guys kick ass.

They describe themselves as Electro/Christian rap/ Death metal

Get over to their Myspace Page for more information.

Now I have only really listened to there Remixes,

Which I must add are up there with the likes of Crookers and Boys Noize!

But There original tracks are also .... wow !.

Heres a video of their track "Oh La la Satan"

A just to get an insight into the type of party music they do.

Heres their remix of A1 Bassine

A1 Bassline - Bad Man Horror Theme (Mustard Pimp Remix)

And so it comes to this.

Ok so It cheese. But it hard banging cheese you can dance to!.

And plus who doesn't love carlton!

Go check them out.

You wont be disappointed ;)

ChellShock out XxX

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I will drive your car home

Ok so here's the setting.

There I was standing in a trendy pub in Shoreditch. Check shirts, clear wayferers glasses. wide belts. Silly plimsoles.

A band comes on stage. I curiously watch them play with the synths while in my head I am thinking Wow.. I want one of those.

Still I stare thinking..... Wow these guys look familiar. But not being able to quite put my finger on it.

And than they start warming up. i sway along to the beat. Than start to hum it. But how do I know the rift so quick?

Than it dropped... I was listening to an alternative version "drive your car" one of my all time favourite songs.

Turning to my friend I announce " Holy crap ! This is grovsner!"

He replies and goes " yeah" ( as in yeah whats the big deal)

Lol unknown to him that these guys are one of my idols. The music they make ooo man, I want to make it too. ( i guess he lucked out?)

And what can I say it was fantastic !

I was of course waiting for my favourite song to be performed, Which I knew it would be the last :).

But everything from the guitar, vocals and synths ( which rocked my socks !)

Which classed this different from the rest.. the use of sax. An electro Soul clash.

What can I say it was a beautiful thing. The sax rounded it off well.

And me being totally star struck wanted to speak to the "main man"

It took me an hour to go up to him. And what can I say. It was great .

Although I would of liked to have gotten a real conversation in. Its fine.

It had me on a high all night and all day and still now if I must be honest.

I was skipping along singing " leopard skin and tiger eyes "

Anyway back to the music.

I would recommend anyone to go get the 12" vinyl of this track.

It has the original which Is a cosmic dream.

But also remixes from big names like :

Hot Chip ( chilled and cool. Great for early starters)
Bird Peterson ( party goers. Great remix from the B.more Master)
Oliver $ ( again a party tune, More up beat)

There is also A 7" which has the original tune and a rebel version ( great for an early set) Which is more soulful.

Check out this and more on his myspace page.

( search for it you lazy gits)

"Clouds above and drains Below."

ChellShock Out XxX

Sunday, 8 March 2009

My Needs :D

Well SOAP in his last post mentioned about the stuff that he loved ...

Now well its time for me :D.

1) Skinny Jeans --- Ok I can not live without skinny jeans. I love them. But I am in love with the brand "Cheap Monday". They are so great... The logo is just brilliant. The fitting is great. ( I must say fashion tight blue are my fave type) And I am rather disappointed that they are disappearing from the UK. I remember when Lots of shops use to stock them. But now you find a pair and its like finding a gold nugget in the seabed. The only thing is that the pockets are too little and skinny. I fear for my Notes lives when trying to wrestle them out of the pockets. But hey good jeans come at a price ;).

2) VANS trainers - I love vans.. Almost all vans, slip ons High tops, Lace ups. They are pretty much amazing... Which to be honest last year it was all about Nikes :) the fancier the better.

But I find myself always looking at the vans and getting a very big desire saying " I need these trainers" Of course I have a soft spot for 80's kicks... But mostly quite recently its been all about the vans :). Authentic lace ups and slip ons seems to be my fave at the moment. Something about Authentic lace up vans (laced up right) looks so sexy :)

My fave pair I ruined by going to an NME afterparty. Its all very hazy but all I know now is that my kicks are filthy :P

3) Sunglasses -- Well I love sunglasses as much as the next person. But being in "sunny" London. You can look like a pleb roaming around when its dark as night with sunnies on. So that why I believe clear lenses wayfarers are the way forward. They are so versatile. Go geek chic Hipster freak or Indie kid. Clear glasses are the way forward :D

ChellShock Out XxX


Okay, so finally after loads of ass kicking by ChellShock here’s my first blog entry. Well I’m SOAP (CA), that stands for Son Of A Preacher Man (CELEBRITIES ANONYMOUS). I’m one half of THE WRONG PEOPLE and I’m one half of CELEBRITIES ANONYMOUS. I love to mix up Electro, House, Punk, Rock, Retro, Pop, Indie, Hip Hop, Disco and whatever else feels good at the time. I first met ChellShock less than a year ago while I was still in London. She instantly blew me away with her DJ skills when she played at an underground night I hosted deep in the East end of town. As time past we formed THE WRONG PEOPLE. Unfortunately, due to current global economic crisis I’m now living in Melbourne and ChellShock is still in London. But we’re working on getting her out here as soon as possible. Anyone who wants to help out our cause don’t hesitate to get in touch…

Here’s a link to the last mix I did before I left London: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d2ranj

Here’s a link to THE WRONG PEOPLE’S first remix, it’s of Dusty Springfield’s “Son Of A Preacher Man:

Now, in classic blogging styleee I’m going to rant on about shit that I love. Apart from my decks and mixer, which are still making their way from London to Melbourne (I’m going through withdrawals without them), I have a few other favourite things. I shall now let you out there know what they are:

Skinny Jeans: In particular my Wrangler “Stranglers”. They absolutely ROCK! They are proper stretch super skinny jeans, yet with enough room so my manhood doesn’t get crushed. I also have a vintage pair of Wrangler “Nevada” but they’re a bit too high in the waist and not as skin tight as my “Stranglers”. Uni-Qlo also make awesome skinny jeans and I have a few pairs but they are not quite as ROCKSTAR as the “Stranglers”. I’m just trying to get hold a black Wranglers denim jacket but that isn’t in the budget right now… Check out: http://www.wrangler-ap.com/

Vans Old Skool Skate shoes: I love; Classic Slip-Ons, Authentics, Eras and Sk8 Hi-Tops – all of those ROCK! I got me a little collection of them but you can never have too many pairs of Vans. My favorite pair right now is my black and pink checkerboard Classic Slip-Ons. Unfortunately, they’re wearing out and I can’t get half sizes here in Australia so I’ve got to wait until ChellShock brings me a pair over when she comes. However, the all black Authentics are always right up there too. They go with anything and always look the business… Check out: http://www.vans.com/vans/intl.html

Ray-Ban sunglasses: I feel naked if I leave the house without my white Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Probably the most classic sunglasses of all time. If I had the cash, I’d have a pair in every colour they do… Check out: http://www.rayban.com/ and if you want to geek out and get the history of them go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray-Ban_Wayfarer

Feel The Love



Saturday, 7 February 2009

ChellShock !

Heya Im ChellShock. And I'm a DJ

I started about a year ago, and dam I love it so much !

I produce music, Remixes ,re edits and original songs.

Born in Essex I was never into Music, But last year that changed when I started a new job and made my best friend, Who taught me the fundamentals of Djin .

So I decided to move into London to fully "dive" into the scene,

I'm no longer that quiet Essex girl.. Im so much more ;)

I now realize this is what I want to do !... I can't face working in an office for the rest of my life.

(which at some point I would have quite happily done)

So I am doing everything and anything to better myself as A Dj and a producer :).

I am the first part of "The Wrong People" ;-)

We are the double team to bring you everything we think is cool, Coming out of London and Melbourne.

Look out for the Second member soon :D.

But to tide you over while you are waiting, A little pressie :D.

My Name Is Chell The Mixtape - ChellShock.

This mix tape basically is what I am all about :)

Enjoy :D

ChellShock x

Thursday, 29 January 2009